Building worlds word by word.

I had many of my readers asking if there are other ways to support me in between releases. I am so grateful for their suggestions because I'll admit that I had no clue what I was doing AFTER I finished my first novel. I had no marketing plan, no following, and no idea it would do what it did which is catapult me into a full-time writing career.

But creating doesn't stop at writing and building worlds. It BEGINS with a word. One word turned into a sentence, then a paragraph, a page, until there are chapters upon chapters. In my case, one creation inspired others. And here we are with the shop.

I'm learning as I go. I design as it comes to me. These aren't get-rich-quick plans for me but it's me sharing what I love and enjoy. I'm an avid reader, first and foremost. I was able to become a writer because I was a reader. With that said, I hope to see some of my designs and products on fellow readers!
Thank you for visiting.

Eternally Grateful,
Ami Van
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